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Juan Chi Chi" Rodriguez was born in 1937 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He began caddying at the age of six and actually learned to play golf with clubs fashioned out of guava tree limbs and tin cans hammered into balls. From this start he has become one of the most successful and widely recognized names in the game of golf. It's been said that pound for pound Chi Chi is the longest hitter in the history of golf. At 5-7 and weights ranging from 112 to 130 pounds, the wiry Puerto Rican has at times driven a golf ball over 350 yards. He has consistently been at over 250 yards throughout his career. Chi Chi Rodriguez is one of the great showmen in sports history. In a career which spans four decades, Chi Chi won 8 times on the PGA Tour and now boasts 22 Senior Tour victories. His colorful performances still make him a gallery favorite, while his shotmaking skills have earned the respect of his peers. Chi Chi grew up in the hot, dusty sugar cane fields of Rio Piedras, where he helped his father tend the fields. Chi Chi's golf expertise began at the age of 12, when he shot a 67. Chi Chi became known for his eye-hand coordination and imaginationskills that for more than 40 years have helped him overcome all types of obstacles. He showcases these skills at golf clinics and exhibitions around the country. But Chi Chi's talents extend beyond what he is able to do with the golf ball. From his matador routine to his good-natured impersonations of fellow competitors, Chi Chi is an entertainer at heart. But what separates Chi Chi from everyone else is that he has coupled his success on the golf course with a strong personal desire to make a positive impact. This has manifested itself in the countless hours he spends at The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation. Chi Chi's foundation, in Clearwater, Florida, is home to troubled and abused youngsters. Chi Chi's philosophy is simple, he wants kids to have a chance. "I figure kids are the future. If I made it, anybody can do it. I think I can be a good role model for them because they can look at me and say, "look, he's a small guy, he was very poor, and he worked hard and he made it. If I can help one kid become successful in life because they want to be the way I was, that's all I ask for." It is through examples like this that Chi Chi has proven that he is not only a great golf champion, but a champion in life."

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