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Peggy Fleming is an inspirational role model whose story will touch people from all walks of life. The Olympic skating legend is no stranger to adversity. She faced perhaps her biggest challenge of all when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She successfully battled the disease and has now become one of the foremost speakers on the subject addressing the issue with an intelligence and compassion seen in few speakers. The passion and drive Peggy brings to her efforts for breast cancer awareness and education are similar to her pursuits in skating. Her graceful style led to five U.S. Titles, three World Titles and an Olympic gold medal in 1968. Due to her enduring popularity and the universal appeal of figure skating, Peggy remains the sport's most graceful symbol and most identifiable personality. She graced the cover of People Magazine along with fellow breast cancer survivors Olivia Newton-John and Shirley Temple Black. She has now turned her popularity into a platform for addressing audiences around the country about the importance of women taking charge of their own health and breast cancer awareness. Her book, The Long Program: Skating Toward Life's Victories, was published.

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